Things I’m Loving

Thing I'm Loving

My computer has sadly crashed—and along with it, my photos, music and lots of old work. Fortunately, in an age of social media, many of my photos are out in cyberspace. My music is another story—more than 3,000 songs are gone into thin air which means that I’ll just have to discover some new tunes. Trying to look at the bright side…

Since I won’t be able to post outfit or recipes photos (until Monday, at least), I put together a quick post of some of the things I’m loving at the moment.

1. I have  been a fan of Lucky Magazine since it first came on to newsstands and I was even featured in it several years ago. Recently, the publication hired a new editor, Eva Chen, and she has certainly made her mark. If you’ve ever read Lucky, it’s easy to see the changes—there are far more fashion-focused features (the sheer volume of text in the September issue almost makes it feel like Vogue) and there’s a much stronger focus on street style and emerging designers. For a long time, Lucky seemed geared toward the budget-conscious consumer, but I think the photos and new look are wonderful. Eva Chen has an amazing Instagram, by the way—I highly recommend following her.

2.  Jessica Durrant’s illustrations are feminine, whimsical and somewhat reminiscent of vintage magazine covers. I think they would make great gifts for a bridal shower and would look fantastic grouped on a bathroom or salon wall.

3. I’ve included this Christian Dior lip balm in some of my ensemble collages because I think the packaging is so glam. A tad pricey for everyday lip balm but a fun pick-me-up when you’re on the lookout for a reasonably-priced little luxury.

4. Whenever I need a laugh, I head on over to AOL to catch up on Candidly Nicole. Nicole Richie is obviously known for her style, but those skills are clearly rivaled by her humor, as evidenced in these short episodes. Watch them all; so, so funny.

5. Aside from Gawker (which I catch up on throughout the day), is probably my favorite website. When I bring my lunch to work, I love catching up on APT with LSD and Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl.