Find of the century

I will be the first to admit that I have insanely good luck when it comes to finding vintage designer items. I’ve found Lanvin blouses and Bottega Veneta bags at thrift stores, and Chanel scarves at estate sales. But what I found Friday, after an impromptu stop at an  antique furniture shop, is my best find to date.

After visiting an estate sale (where I found a Lanvin silk blouse and a Lanvin dress – for $5 each), my grandmother and I got stuck in traffic and decided to stop at a small antique shop. It was cute, but most of the stuff wasn’t necessarily my style. Lots of wicker, animal-themed items (things you might find at an elderly Southern woman’s home.) But when I turned a corner, into a very small room with even more kitschy items, my heart skipped a beat (and I don’t think it’s started beating since, to tell you the truth.) A Goyard wardrobe, in pretty terrific condition. Price tag: $95.

For those of you unfamiliar, Goyard is a storied French brand – very rare, and very expensive. The Goyard logo is certainly not as well-known as the interlocking LVs, because Goyard is sold at only 14 retail locations across the globe (only four in the U.S.)

To put it in perspective, similar Goyard trunks go for around $15,000 on ebay. (I’ve seen several upwards of $20,000.) And, to be honest, those that I’ve seen online are much smaller than mine, which is really more of a wardrobe than a trunk. It has several drawers in it, and is nearly as tall as I am.

I’ve always had visions of stumbling across something amazing – a Chanel handbag, Chanel jacket or, possibly, an Hermes Birkin – at some point in my perusal of vintage wares. But finding a Goyard trunk never even crossed my mind – they are simply so rare and so very pricey.

The woman who sold it to me clearly had no idea what it was worth. She said someone had brought it in a week prior, so I really lucked out on timing. Had she Googled it, I’m sure I never would have even seen it – more than likely, it would have ended up somewhere like Christie’s auction house (they’ve sold a similar trunk in the past – starting bid: $11,745.)


  1. Shut up! Shut up! Seriously! So jealous! Take me next time! Ugh! So lucky!!!

  2. OH! MY! GOD! Your blessed from someone above for sure! This is the most beautiful and amazing one I have ever seen! To me it’s value is priceless…but really, I believe worth tons and tons more than you think:) I know you will most likely never sell this but Goyard in Paris buys! They are putting together a museum. You should send them this link and they will give you an estimated value. Thank you for lighting my day, my week, my month and my year! Knowing this is so inspirational to those of us who walk through so many antique stores and never see anything anymore because we are so picky. Thank you again for sharing this!!

  3. I thought when you mentioned a trunk, you meant a normal chest BUT my jaw just dropped when I saw these photos. $95??!!!! This is a wardrobe. You LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY thing! I’ve found my fair share of Hermes and Chanel goodies at thrift shops for next to nothing BUT this, THIS REALLY is the bargain of the century.

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