Weekend finds

This past weekend was pretty much perfect. I got to spend time with my grandmother and my wonderful boyfriend (who was so kind to go antiquing with me – he is definitely not the antiquing type), eating delicious food and hunting for goodies.

On Saturday, we drove down to Mount Dora, a small town outside of Orlando, for their annual antiques extravaganza. I came away with an amazing pair of jackal earrings and a gorgeous vintage map (on which Maracaibo, Venezuela – birthplace of my boyfriend – is clearly visible.) The jackals are some of the more impressive earrings I’ve ever seen – they are incredibly detailed and kind of creepy (which I love.) I assumed they were fox until the dealer told me otherwise. The colors and font used on the map reminds me of something from a Wes Anderson film.

That night, we had a huge sushi dinner at Amura (we go every chance we get, it’s some of the best sushi I’ve ever had) and then went back to the hotel to watch the Michigan basketball team wipe the floor with their rival, Ohio State. Full disclosure: I am by no means a sports buff, but after all that antiquing I couldn’t very well ask to turn on Real Housewives, could I? 😉

On Sunday, the two of us spent time in Winter Park, brunching at 310 Park South (which was great) and perusing the local boutiques. We also made a pit stop at Orange Tree Antiques, where I found three additional pairs of earrings (one of them Fendi!)

The last pair, the Fendi, are pretty incredible. I saw them inside a case and could just barely make out the intertwining “F”s. When I requested to look at them up close, I turned them over and, sure enough, they were signed “Fendi.” Pretty good find for $20.

PS. My Valentine’s flowers are still in bloom and still so beautiful…nothing like fresh flowers to brighten a room.


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