My picks: luxe vintage interiors

My boyfriend, grandmother, mom and I are planning a big antiquing trip this weekend. It’s an annual thing for us and I’m so excited I can’t quite stand it. I usually come away with lots of vintage jewelry (I once found a vintage LANVIN necklace for around $70 – a huge bargain, considering the vintage pieces often range in the thousands) and interesting knick-knacks for my home (like the headless mannequin that sits in my bedroom.) This year, I will certainly be looking for jewelry but, perhaps most importantly, I need things for my guest bedroom and a floor lamp for my living room. Below, some recent sources of interior inspiration. (Can you tell I’m having a 70s moment?)

1. Photograph: “Kate’s Closed,” 2000, Rankin

2. Agate pill boxes

3. Rare Table Lamp by Angelo Brotto for Esperia, 1976

4. Lacquer and Chrome coffee table, 1970s

5. Transparent World Globe by Robert Farquhar, 1970s

6. Dom Perignon champagne cooler, France

7. Lucite and lamb stool, 1950s

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